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For some people, the coldest, loneliest night of the year falls on Christmas Eve. "Solstice" tells the story of one of those people, Nick Allman, a disillusioned young man who has lost touch with the true spirit of the holidays. Set in Chicago on Christmas Eve, it follows his day from morning till midnight as he encounters a variety of characters who help renew his belief in a season where everyone's expectations run high.

From a bittersweet confrontation with his ex-girlfriend to the wise counseling of a friend, Nick is unable to resolve the emptiness he feels even when faced with a multitude of others making the best of the holiday at hand. Faced with a cynicism he can't seem to shake, midnight finds Nick inadvertantly ending up in a church where he is prompted into realizing from the pastor's sermon that the events of the last 24 hours have been the culmination of what he only imagined was missing- the spirits of faith, goodwill and understanding. After an emotional epiphany, Nick must reconcile issues within himself so that he will be able to face the new day not only with a renewed sense of optimism for himself, but all mankind.

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Silver Award - 1994

Bronze Award - 1995

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