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"Solstice" to Double Feature with "Home Alone" December 20th at Chitown Movies Drive-in!

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

As the pandemic continues to force moviegoers into adopting safer viewing habits, they can still can still enjoy an incredibly fun and safe experience every night at ChiTown Movies Drive In!

Offering a multitude of holiday classics throughout December, none will be as nostalgic to local viewers as the special Chicago Themed Double Feature on Sunday, December 20th featuring the John Hughes classic “Home Alone” followed by the specially restored anniversary edition of director Jerry Vasilatos’ “Solstice: A Christmas Story”, both shot locally during the early 1990’s.

While many moviegoers may be familiar with Kevin McCallister’s homebound Christmastime adventure, Chicagoans who missed “Solstice” when it was originally broadcast as Lifetime Television’s first original holiday movie in 1994 or during it’s one night anniversary screening last year will have a chance to see it once again on the big screen. “Solstice” garnered new awards throughout 2019 for its stunning 2K transfer and newly recorded orchestral score, and is also newly streaming on along with availability on Amazon Prime. Focusing on themes of second chances and redemption, the evergreen Christmas card to Chicago’s Lakeview corridor deals with personal seasonal introspections as relevant today as they were 25 years ago.

"The simple story of a lonely professional man at the Christmas holidays is remarkable for many reasons, including a stellar performance by lead actor Michael Kelley. But also it is a glimpse into a pre-gentrified Chicago, where Northside neighborhoods were warm enclaves for discovery, not speculative property. The light of the story takes place in that distant early 1990s era, and if anybody you know lived in Chicago at that time, then “Solstice” will be a reminder of both being young and being a Chicagoan. “Solstice” is a Christmas gift to the city and any seeker of warm holiday inspiration.” ~ Patrick McDonald / HOLLYWOOD CHICAGO

You can enjoy both holiday classics under the stars on Sunday, December 29th at 2343 S. Throop St. in Chicago.

“Home Alone” (90 Minutes) 8:00-9:30 PM

“Solstice: A Christmas Story” (48 Minutes) 9:40-10:30 PM ChiTown movies will bring cold beverages, popcorn, tacos, wings, frozen mangos, and more right to your car! Tickets for this Special Event are now available at:

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