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  • Writer's pictureJerry Vasilatos's 4.5 Star Review of the "Solstice: 25th Anniversary Restoration" Blu-ray

A very gratifying post-holiday review of the "Solstice: 25th Anniversary Restoration" from Marty Liebman of that was posted 2/22. It's such an honor to be featured alongside other studio releases on their website!

"Solstice may not be a technical marvel, or even a particularly lengthy film, but few are as heartfelt, simplistic in all the right ways, and cozy as it. It's fit for Christmas consumption or a lift any time of year for its demonstration of life's small miracles and the power of simply seeing the world in a slightly new, and better, light. Nitestar Productions' Blu-ray features good video and audio presentations, but the real value, beyond the movie, is the exhaustive collection of supplemental content, including a fascinating look into the restoration; Vasilatos has invested both his own money and his heart and soul into this film over the past several decades, culminating with this must-own Blu-ray release. Very highly recommended."

Read the review covering all Blu-ray features here!

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