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This specially created high definition Blu-Ray was produced for the film's original crowd funders that helped support the costs of the restoration. Limited to a production run of 500 copies, we have 100 over to share with new viewers. Featuring newly produced programs with interviews of the cast and crew as well as new audio commentary tracks and a never before seen outtake and deleted scene, this special slipcase edition is the most comprehensive collector's edition of the film and will make a beautiful addition to your home video library.




$25.00 + S/H


1.  2018 25th Anniversary Restoration Release with newly scored stereo mix (48 min)


2.  Multiple audio tracks including:

• 2019 Director's Commentary

• 1994 10th Anniversary Cast and Crew Commentary Track

• 2019 Film Historian's Commentary


3.  Subtitling in: English, Spanish, French, German, Greek, Russian


4.  Chapter Search


5.  95 Minutes of Newly Produced, Never Before Seen Anniversary Programs including:

• Spirits of Christmas Past and the Making of "Solstice" (44 min)

• Solstice II" - Kristine's Story (2.5 min)

• The History of the Music Box Sing-Along (6 min)

• 25th Anniversary Trailer (2 min)

• 25th Anniversary Screening Q&A (24 min)

• Spirits of Christmas Past Roadshow Cut (15 min)

• Coda (4.5 min)

• Deleted Scene w/Director's Commentary (1 min)

• Outtake w/ Director's Commentary (.50 min)

• Original 1994 Release with Original Mono Mix and 1994 Cast and Crew Commentary Track (48 min)


7.  Original 2004 Bonus Content ported from the Standard Definition DVD including:

• Star Michael Kelley and Mary McCloud's original audition (4.5 min)

• Behind the Scenes at Six Corners (6.5 min)

• Chicagoland TV News Segment covering the original Lifetime Broadcast (3 min)

• Cable Access coverage of the Chicago theatrical premiere by Nights Out Chicago (6.5 min)

• Cable Access interview with director Jerry Vasilatos from Mise-En-Scene (9 min)

• Behind the Scenes Slideshow and radio interview from WLUP Chicago (14 min)

• Original Lifetime Promos (1 min)

• First and Revised Third Draft Screenplay Slideshows

• Storyboard Slideshow


That's 246 minutes of Award Winning, Indie Film programming!

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